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Sleep Research

Because of his dual board certifications in General Psychiatry and Sleep Medicine, Dr. Moul has a unique interdisciplinary set of activities at the interface between psychiatry and sleep medicine. As a regular attending the Psychiatric Crisis Unit, he continues to see a wide spectrum of psychiatric problems when they are the most acute. As a regular attending physician in the Sleep Medicine Centerís main sleep clinic, he also evaluates and treats a wide variety of sleep disorders as well.  His own faculty clinic focuses on the evaluation and treatment of chronic insomnia, and he is working toward establishing a group-therapy insomnia clinic in the future, based on the behavioral treatments of insomnia. These clinics will be places where future sleep physicians and psychiatrists will learn how to evaluate and treat chronic insomnia more effectively.  His previous research has included the development of new research methods for the study of chronic insomnia. Among these is the Pittsburgh Insomnia Rating Scale. Participation in a multi-center study of patient reported outcome measures is a project currently under development.

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