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About Us

Facility Description
Self-contained clinic with certified laboratory
Easy access and parking for clinical trial participants
Collaboration with all LSUHSC-S Clinics and Departments
Specialize in Neuroimaging including PET and fMRI
School of Allied Health Children's Center partnership and psychological testing support

Clinical Research and Clinical Studies
Clinical research is an essential part of today's psychiatric medicine. It involves carefully designed studies which test new ways to treat and prevent several different psychiatric illnesses. Research studies assist the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and major pharmaceutical companies in the final stages of the long research process. The studies involve procedures which protect the health, well-being and safety of each participant. Advances in medicine and science are the result of new ideas and approaches that are developed through research.

Clinical Trials Participants
Gain access to new treatments that are not yet available to the public
Obtain expert medical care at a leading academic health care facility during the trial
Take an active role in health care
Help others by contributing to medical research
May receive study-related psychiatric evaluations, medications, exams, and laboratory determinations at no cost
Are closely monitored throughout the clinical trial and during clinic visits
May withdraw at any time


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